Spam Manager

Cut the junk out of your inbox

Ever wish you could reduce the amount of junk mail you receive? Spam Manager can pre-screen your mail and get rid of up to 95% of incoming junk email!

Spam Manager personal edition works with any POP3 mailbox. It is very easy to set-up and use, and within minutes, you'll be screening your messages for junk mail. It takes advantage of several techniques to figure out what is junk, including checking against DNSBL servers, customized blacklist and friendlists, and a Blocked URL list.

For the messages that get past the DNSBL blacklists, the program has a short learning period that it uses to figure out what you consider junk. As you tag messages, it learns what is junk, and is able to effectively filter out most of the incoming junk mail while preserving your legitimate mail.

This program is guaranteed to save you time and to reduce the amount of junk mail that you have to read through!!

Spam Manager


Spam Manager 1.23